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Wisdom Painting Announces the First Certified Practitioner Bethany Sax


September 18, 2015. Wisdom Painting announced today that it has made Bethany Sax an honorary Wisdom Painting Certified Practitioner. Bethany has taken many of my Wisdom Painting classes and Igniting Your Intentions sessions, along with hosting sessions for groups of women for these classes. She has put her own creative spin on my techniques and made […]

Resistance to What Wants to Come Through

Initiation, 30 x 96 inches, tempera and acrylic on paper, copyright 2004 Mary Rush Gravelle.

Are you resisting your painting process? How do you know? You are doing everything but painting. During the Wisdom Painting process, when the urge to go to the bathroom, eat a snack, drink something, go look out the window, or any myriad of activities pull you away from your painting, that is resistance, my friend. […]

Keep it Simple

Wisdom Painting Simple Materials

The old adage about keeping it simple is very relevant to your Wisdom Painting success. If you want to get the most out of your painting experience, you will do best if you keep the entire process simple. Let me explain. When I guide you through the Wisdom Painting process, I keep everything down to the basics. […]