Proven Three-Step Approach to Wholeness and Happiness

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Today, I got up early enough to take a hike while it was still cool here in the desert of Sedona, Arizona.

Yesterday, I happened upon a Tony Robbins video talking about the 5-steps to thrive, his Thanksgiving message a fews years ago. In it, he says that a radical shift in your body / physiology will change your mind.

Reflecting on that video, I had the thought that hiking probably makes my body happy. Then, I began to think about happiness as a whole and a holistic approach to happiness.

In this video, I discuss the proven three-step approach to achieving wholeness and happiness through body, mind, and spirit.

As it relates to Wisdom Painting, think of doing something related to your body before you paint like yoga, hiking, walking, running, or biking. Perhaps you have other things that give your body a good workout like lifting weights. Get the body out of its comfort zone, then paint. See what happens as a result.

I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below. Did you try the body movement before painting? Did you try what the video suggested? What were the results? What are your thoughts?

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