Resistance to What Wants to Come Through

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Initiation, 24 x 72 inches, tempera and acrylic on paper, copyright 2004 Mary Rush Gravelle.

Initiation, 30 x 96 inches, tempera and acrylic on paper, copyright 2005 Mary Rush Gravelle.

Are you resisting your painting process? How do you know? You are doing everything but painting.

During the Wisdom Painting process, when the urge to go to the bathroom, eat a snack, drink something, go look out the window, or any myriad of activities pull you away from your painting, that is resistance, my friend. Something is below the surface wanting to get your attention. It might be something that will be hard to see, difficult to allow to the surface of your awareness. It is most likely something you don’t want to see, and don’t want to deal with once it’s out in the open, in plain sight, and in full color. You will no longer be able to remain in denial of its existence.

What is it? Dip your brush into the paint. Dash the paint across the surface of your painting, gulp, and go with it. Paint until something emerges. Get curious in your allowing it’s expression to come through. Don’t try to guess what it is. Just free your mind and let it flow.

If you have to go get that snack or drink, get back to your painting as quickly as possible, drink or snack in hand. Gaze at your painting, your paints, brushes, colors, contemplate your next move. Feel your intuition tugging or speaking to you. Once you feel any sort of urge, go with it.

I Want to Hear from You

Did this article help you in any way? How do you experience resistance? What is your biggest challenge in your painting process?

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Mary Rush Gravelle, Founder of Wisdom Painting

Mary Rush Gravelle, Founder of Wisdom Painting

Mary Rush Gravelle is the creator of Wisdom Painting. She paints, writes, leads creativity workshops , and resides in Sedona, Arizona with her loyal sidekick Sir Kitty.

Sir Kitty

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