Your Wisdom Paintings Will Reveal Personal Messages to You

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Wisdom Painting
Painted on November 25, 2010

One of the reasons to do Wisdom Painting is to receive messages from your paintings and to reveal yourself to yourself. This leads to personal growth and new awareness.

In the painting I did, shown here, I liked the blue and green colors. They felt rich and true, like crisp growth and depth. The roots are pushed behind, no longer needing to be exposed.

Below is what the painting revealed to me. Perhaps the message is relevant for you at this time also.

Message: Delving, digging, seeking answers to your innermost problems and issues allows them to rise to the surface, exposing them to the healing light. This is an act of courage and faith. For to rise above your problems and issues with an all abiding faithful conviction separates you from them like chaffing the wheat. You get clarity in return from the muddy existence you have been living. This has caused misery, struggle, not to mention unhappiness and discontent.

This is an act of courage and faith. Rising to the occasion of personal growth affords you a better chance at freedom on all levels.

Rising to the occasion of personal growth affords you a better chance at freedom on all levels. Stand strong and true for what you believe to be true in each and every moment. Be open and flexible enough to allow your beliefs to change in the ebb and flow of natural causal growth. As you grow, you change and some beliefs melt away as outmoded and no longer needed ideas bubble to the surface and pop.

Be thankful on this day of Thanksgiving. You are alive and creating a beautiful new life for yourself. Show up everyday, even in small ways, for YOU, for you are worthy, wealthy, and wise.

Salute, a new day is dawning for YOU as you awaken the sleeping giant within your Being. Awake and KNOW your greatness. SEEK better understanding and it will be granted upon to you. Weaknesses dissolve into strengths.

A better YOU has arrived in this moment. Get up, Rejoice. Shout the call to Victory. You have answered the call to meet yourself head-on. The mirror is huge and you must see for the mirror is 360 degrees. No turning back. No turning away. Now is your time. Seize it at every opportunity. Rejoice in the rejoicing. Amen. End of message.

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Mary Rush GravelleMary Gravelle writes, creates, leads creativity workshops , and resides in Sedona, Arizona with her loyal sidekick Sir Kitty.

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