Wisdom Painting

Create with freedom in full color regardless of skill level. Be totally free to create what needs to be revealed to you right now. Create with total abandon from outcome. Create for process and the sheer joy of painting and letting the liquid color flow onto the paper with ease. Enter an escatic state of pure bliss as color flows from your paintbrush (or other tool such as hands or feet).

Gravelle gears her wisdom-painting workshops for mid-lifers, folks in their 40s and 50s mostly, grown-ups who have spent much of their lives working for a living, building careers, raising families.

“In that age range, it suddenly hits them. They ask, ‘Who am I?'” she says. Her students are almost exclusively female, women being more open to emotional work and self-discovery than men, she says. “They are willing to look at themselves and traverse the terrain, the inner landscape.”

“There are ground rules,” Gravelle says. “There is no judging, no critiquing, of one another’s work. I encourage them to use the session as a meditation.”

—Donna Clayton Lawder, article in the Desert Exposure

In this short video, Mary Rush Gravelle, founder of Wisdom Painting talks about the process.

Creating Art: Creating Life: One and the Same

Learn how to allow your inner expression to flow through you and onto the paper in full color. From this awareness, learn to surrender to life as it flows through you in the same way that the painting process flowed through you. This helps ease the struggle that so many of us encounter when we do not surrender to the natural flow of life and creation.

Wisdom Painting Workshops provides a space to paint pulling from the waters of the well of personal creativity. A dance ensues between personal creativity and divine flow. Co-creation is realized. Inspired consciousness is awakened.

No art experience is required.

Art world talk rarely enters the sacred creation space at Wisdom Painting. It is not about technique. It is about what is happening on the inside and letting that express itself onto the paper.

Your personal wisdom paintings are beautiful and inspiring snippets of soul, soul snapshots. They bring good tidings and messages. What does your inner soul look like? What is it trying to tell you? Come and find out. Make surprising and delightful discoveries. Brush up against your creative spirit during one of our workshops. Or try a private Wisdom Painting for exclusive one-on-one attention.