If You are a Concierge

Please contact me if you would like to offer this service to your guests. I will come to your location and guide your guests through a Wisdom Painting session on your property. Contact me to discuss the details.

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Watch the video below for an idea of what a Wisdom Painting session looks like. This one was held at Sky Ranch Lodge, Sedona, AZ. This video was published with permission from the clients.

Artist Mary [Rush] Gravelle guides others to self-discovery—with paint, paper and permission to be fully themselves. 

Gravelle gears her wisdom-painting workshops for mid-lifers, folks in their 40s and 50s mostly, grown-ups who have spent much of their lives working for a living, building careers, raising families.

“In that age range, it suddenly hits them. They ask, ‘Who am I?'” she says. Her students are almost exclusively female, women being more open to emotional work and self-discovery than men, she says. “They are willing to look at themselves and traverse the terrain, the inner landscape.”

—Donna Clayton Lawder, the Desert Exposure.


Mary Gravelle with her tools for transformation.

Mary Gravelle with her tools for transformation, May 2007.