Let’s Paint!

Sedona Residents and Visitors

Schedule a painting session. Call (928) 254-8709 or email mary@wisdompainting.com.

Come paint in beautiful Sedona. Wisdom Painting comes to you!

Come paint in beautiful Sedona. Wisdom Painting comes to you!

Do you yearn to express yourself creatively, but are not sure where to start?

Pursue your path to personal growth while having fun in the process! Learn how to listen to your inner voice and hear what personal message it is conveying.

Why live in a beige world of “blah,” when you can express yourself in full color?

All art supplies included in course fee.

Do a Wisdom Painting session amongst the beautiful red rocks in the sacred landscape of Sedona, Arizona.

I will be happy to come to your hotel. Another option is to paint at one of the beautiful parks in Sedona.

Schedule your in-person painting session in Sedona, Arizona and surrounding area by contacting me. Email: mary@wisdompainting.com or Phone: (928) 254-8709. Or fill out the contact form on the Contact Page.

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A view of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona from Courthouse Butte.

A recent private Wisdom Painting session in Sedona, AZ. Published with permission from the clients. They painted for two hours on the patio of their hotel room with a premiere view of Sedona at Sky Ranch Lodge.