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What People are Saying about Wisdom Painting Workshops

I love it!

I finally got around to hanging my wisdom painting I did with Mary years ago – and I love it!  It means so much to me.  Thanks, Mary!

Jean Eisenhower, Silver City, NM

I could have painted longer

“…contained more for me personally than I thought I might gain. I felt the experience as a whole helped me to connect with my painting (which isn’t finished) and connect to my gut. … Four hours is pretty quick, amazingly enough, and I could have painted longer.” — anonymous

Safe space

“Safe space to stretch beyond what’s comfortable and gentle push to do it.” — anonymous

Pride and confidence

“It … gave me the pathway to continue with pride and confidence.” — anonymous

Fabulous learning experience

“Mary — Thank you. I needed to do this more than I ever could have realized. Fabulous learning experience. Again, thanks.” — anonymous

I had fun!!

Mary ~ I got my painting up on the wall as soon as I got home and lo and behold it’s not like anything that anyone said about it!!! It’s exciting…………..it’s like pure ecstatic flames of passion and boundless energy and JOY!!!!! My girlfriend said it’s so hot that if I don’t get it under some cool glass soon it might just burn up the paper it’s on!!! Ha! Ha! It could ignite the spiritually dead and excite the sexually dormant with just one look…………..thanx again – I had fun!! Big Hug!!! ~ TB