Peace Making through Art Making

We believe at Wisdom Painting that making art brings joy both to the maker and the viewer. It exposes the unseen and unknown areas of our life in a way that is empowering and joyful. Empowered and joyful people are happier; more fulfilled, and are tapped into their life force. They start seeing and respecting the life force in all beings, alleviating abuse and misuse of power. Empowered and joyful people strive for peace and harmony. They build and create happy and fulfilled individual worlds. From these individual worlds, a collective world naturally builds that is free of war and abuse of any kind.


Inspired Consciousness

Wisdom Painting uses art making as a metaphor for passionate life making. We strive to reach anyone and everyone who desires to become more aware and conscious of how they create and co-create their world. Wisdom Painting provides the tools and the atmosphere that engage and inspire people to seek out, discover, and become who they were meant to be. We have more personal power than we might imagine in creating a world of harmony and peace. Each of us has a personal responsibility to live our life mission. It is selfish not to aspire to our true potential because the world needs us to be who we were meant to be.